Southern Discomfort

Gangsta Gangsta

Here’s a little somethin’ bout a wizard like me
Never shoulda been let out the 12th Century
Vint Dawg would like to say
That I’m a crazy muthafucka from the British Isles way
Since I was a youth, I read the runes out
Now I’m the muthafucka you commune about
Casting a spell or two, that’s what the hell I do
You don’t like what I’m invokin’? Well, BUGGER YOU
This is a gang, and I’m in it
My White Council fuck you up in a minute
With infriga, forzare, ventas servitas, and fuego
And then you say, “Godsdamn, he loco!”
Everywhere we go, they say “Daaaaaaamn!”
The White Council be fuckin’ up the program
And then you realize we don’t care—
We don’t just say no, we too busy sayin’ “YEEEEEEAH!”
About drinkin’ straight off Mac’s brown bottle
Do I look like a muthafuckin’ role model?
To apprentices lookin’ up to me
Life ain’t nuthin’ but witches and money
‘Cuz I’m the type of wizard that was built to last
If you fuck with me, I’ll put my wand up your ass
I don’t give a fuck ‘cuz I’ll keep spellin’—



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