Southern Discomfort


With the bodies disposed of, and the van dropped off at company headquarters, Rosario headed home. As she walked, she unbuttoned the top button of her black uniform shirt. She knew Matthew was upset with her, and likely Radagast would be as well. But she couldn’t care about that right now.

Tonight had been close. Too close. If Xarina hadn’t been there to swipe the plate away- No. She can’t think about that. There are too many people who depend on her. She could only keep her family safe as long as she was still herself. And this contract with Gunderson was worth it. It had to be. She’d risked so much.

Her mind kept returning to the women in the study. She hadn’t wanted to help them. She wanted to join in. The promise of fresh meat, of hot blood, of filling the hole left by the constant aching hunger… There was something about this entire evening that called to a part of her she’d been trying desperately to ignore.

She let herself in through the back door of Radagast’s house and made her quick, silent way into the kitchen. In the antique icebox (Radagast’s new Maytag had mysteriously exploded one afternoon when the wizard had attempted to make pudding) she found an uncooked steak, bloody and far too tempting. She tore into the raw meat, abandoning any semblance of manners as the juices ran down her chin.

Slowly she came back to herself, crouching on the floor of the kitchen like some feral thing, blood dripping from her chin and hands onto the cold stone floor. She dreaded the day when steak wouldn’t be enough.



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