Southern Discomfort

Letter to my Master

[written in Mandarin Chinese]

Dear master,

This city is full of demons and sorcerers. There are internal struggle being waged. My oath is to protect and serve. I know that with firm correctness is no error – but what is the right thing is what? Report will be unbelief and marginalized. Some police know something. They asked me to report, but they give me any guide, there is no knowledge. A little witch seems ready to tell me more. But she warned that the danger will come to my knowledge I have in this regard. Please master, I need your guidance. Correctness is to follow in the ancient emperor’s words. Today, expressly to follow, adhere to the law. However, in this city, at least, there are other emperors – and other laws. How can I do? One thing I know is that I must, at least, in accordance with the spirit of the law – to protect and serve the innocent people.

Last night, dancing party with sorcerers and demons with names from British play writer Shakespear. I go with little witch to protect and see. She make pact with someone to take a girl as ward. Later on she tell me that the sorcerers have laws. She says them at me. They are good laws to protect innocent people. But which laws do I follow?

Your humble servant,
David Wang



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