Southern Discomfort

Shit shit shit...what do I do?

The dangers of the Disney Playlist

“_Hakunah Matata what a wonderful phrase_”

Rae sat cross-legged on a stool behind the counter, an urn of freshly brewed coffee in front of her. She griped the key that hung around her neck, head bobbing in time with the music.

“_Hakunah Matata aint’ no passing craze_”

Her eyes slid closed and suddenly she was 6, dancing in front of the television, singing at the top of her lungs. It must have been the 4th time that she had watched the Lion King that week but her Grandmother just laughed at her fondly before heading downstairs to take care of customers.

“It’s our problem free, philosophy! Hakunah Matatta”

She let the memory of childhood joy fill her up, until it spill out, through her fingers, into the key, toward it’s intended destination. Right as the song changed.

“The snow glows white on a mountain night, not a footprint to be seen”

Angry voices, disappointment, frustration, bitterness

“A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the queen”

She ripped the buds out of her ears. “Why is this on here?” Her voice echoed in the empty shop.

The song had originally inspired feelings of validation, of pride in not only her magic, but also in her business and the community she had created.

She was listening to it before her parent’s last visit. She was determined to let go of any past bitterness toward them, to start fresh.

Don’t be nervous, she had said to herself. They’ll love what I’ve done with the place, they’ll see how my abilities have grown, and they’ll finally accept me. They’ll tell me about what it means to have magic, more about the magical community, and I won’t feel so lost.

The music was still going, and could be heard faintly. “Let it go, let it go, they’ll never see me cry”

The visit had ended in tears, soul crushing disappointment, and the wifi being down for a week.

Rae buried her head in her hands. “Shit…”. Before the visit she felt as if she was treading water, and now she was drowning.

Julien had been by earlier, and tried to explain as best he could the situation. In trying to save Lindsey from becoming the Spring lady, she had claimed her. As far as he knew that had never been done by any wizard who was not a member of the White Council. The political ramifications of that action were still unknown, but he was looking in to it.

“I just wanted to protect my friend” she whispered into the darkness. “I don’t know what I’m doing anymore”.

She poured herself a cup of coffee, her soul yearning from the joy she felt just a few minutes prior. She pulled out her cellphone, and stared at it for a moment, taking a sip. It tasted of uncertainty and fear.

“Let it go,” she whispered before hitting dial. The light of her phone created a blue glow around her as it rang once, twice and then…

“Hi mom. Do you have a minute?".



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