Simon the PieMancer (NPC)

The Mad Baker who makes the most delicous pies


Wild ginger hair, flour all over and a mad gleam in his eye, that is Simon the PieMancer. He is 5’11, slightly gangly and serious about baking.


Simon was attending the School of Culinary Arts at University of Chicago when he met Hannah Burke, the love of his life. They fell madly in love and were going to live happily ever after…that is until he started flunking his pastry class. Determined to show he was the best he obsessively searched for the perfect pie recipe. He became lost in his quest, neglecting his other courses and being abusive to his girlfriend who now was in the way. She left him and he continued his search until he realized what he had done. He moved down to Charleston to win Hannah back but wanted to apologize the best way he knew how…a perfect slice of pie. One dark and humid night there was a knock on his apartment door, there on the doorstep was a cookbook. One with strange and exciting recipes for him to try. With a delicious arsenal ready he got a job at a down at the heels bakery, turning them into an almost overnight sensation with his desserts. He has found his baking masterpiece and now has to figure out how to get it in the hands of his estranged beloved.

Simon the PieMancer (NPC)

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