Xarina de Selva

Little Kitty in the Big City


Born in the heart of the Amazon jungle Xarina is a jaguar. She became a part of our world due to adapting as humans began encroaching on her territory. She comes from a long line of jaguars who could change their appearance and soon became friends with the members of the Fellowship of St. Giles. Not only did Xarina and her mate have to defend their territory from the local humans but also from the large population of Red Court Vampires.

In the course of defending her territory she and her mate had many conflicts with the local vampires. One day during the course of a raid for the Fellowship, Xarina’s mate killed the favorite nephew of Duke Ortega and was then slain in turn by Ortega. Xarina went crazy with rage and grief. She lost all humanity when she threw herself into the melee to avenge her mate. They imprisoned her in a cage in the mansion and tormented her as a novelty and was finally sold for a high dollar to a collector in SC.

She was rescued by Andrew and he pointed her in the direction of the local branch of the Fellowship. There she met Rosario and they became roommates. She is trying to adapt to life out of the jungle and is determined to pay back the debt to the Wizard.

She hopes her and Rosario’s new jobs at the Red Ribbon will pave the way to her human indepence.


Xarina de Selva

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