Eugene Novak

Journalist and Blogger of the Weird and Otherworldly


Eugene is an older fellow, in his later forties, early fifties. He dresses in the same thing, day in and day out, because he thinks that every profession should have a uniform. This stems from his military service. So the uniform of a Journalist of the Weird and Otherworldly is a light colored seersucker jacket and pants, black tie and his distinctive (and rather out of style) straw fedora with a red and black band. Underneath the uniform is a disheveled man who has seen too much of the world not to be unaffected. He’s also packs a brown shoulder slung pack with his “professional tools” as he call them.


Eugene is originally from Buffalo, New York, born of normal parents who ran a normal household and gave Eugene a happy, and very normal childhood. All that went to hell when Eugene joined the Army. It really wasn’t the Army that changed him, but his experience in the Gulf War. He ran into the otherworldly, as he calls them, in the war and his eyes were opened to the larger reality. This soon became his obsession to the point that he developed PTSD and was discharged from duty – he was a danger to himself and others.

During his time of transition to civilian life, his research led him to Charleston. He was convinced that it was the epicenter of things otherworldly. He soon realized he wasn’t too far off the mark. Once in Charleston, Eugene ran into some sort of ritual involving – vampires. They quickly caught up with him and were about to deliver ’vamp brand justice when Andrew Collier stepped in and saved his hide. Now Eugene owes the guy.

Nowadays, Eugene lives off his Army pension and what meager monies that his blog and profession bring him. He’s a good writer, but he feels his talents lie with exposing the real truth of the world for everyone to read. Sadly, only a small few are ready to accept the truth.

Eugene Novak

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