King LaCroix (NPC)

Humble Owner of a local Import/Export Business


By all accounts King LaCriox is nothing more than a boy from the poor side of town who’s managed to make something of himself. He owns a successful Import/Export business down by the docks. Crown Imports is always bustling, bringing in goods from all over the world.
There’s a quiet rumor that King has the ability to acquire almost anything….for a price. Nothing illegal of course, all strictly above board.


King is a devilishly handsome man in his mid-forties. He always dresses sharply with light colored linen suits and a panama hat Pay no mind to the platinum watch on his wrist, or the expensive designer shoes. He is scrupulously clean and he never looks rumpled. You never see him without a tie, or the large ruby tie pin that goes with them.

King LaCroix (NPC)

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