Radagast Vintner

Retired Wizard of the White Council


Appearing as a human male in his late 90s, Radagast Vintner’s true age is closer to seven or eight centuries—not even he is entirely certain how old he is, but he seems to remember a scant few details about the early days of the White Council’s formation in Europe, so this approximation seems largely accurate. Radagast’s long white beard, elegant spectacles, hand-carved walking stick, and vastly outdated sense of fashion make him look like someone from a distant past by mortal reckoning. At home, he prefers to wear traditional wizard’s garb, usually in light blue, but when out and about he prefers a black Victorian smock and matching top hat (which is about as modern as his wardrobe gets).


In the 13th century CE, a dragon known as the Caorthannach razed a small village in the British Isles. The lone survivor, a vintner’s son barely seven springs old named Radagast, was taken in by a nearby druid grove. The druids instructed Radagast in the Art as any other student, and he proved fairly adroit as foundlings go. At the age of 21, Radagast was left behind to serve as the guardian of the grove and the nearby village while his elders traveled to consult with other practitioners of the Art across Europe in hopes of forming a great Council of Wizards to settle their disputes safely and discreetly and unite against common foes. With the grove left largely undefended, the vicious Caorthannach chose this exact moment to strike at the druids’ community. Radagast, having made contact with a number of the Fair Folk during his bardic training, conjured up a faerie of considerable power and bargained for the power to drive off the Caorthannach.

For a few centuries thereafter, Radagast served as a traveling guardian of the druid groves across the British isles; after being elected to the Senior Council, he served as a teacher for new students of the Art who lacked a proper sponsor. Although never himself a Warden (and eschewing the need for any such organization), Radagast has always fought for the good of mortals when it was necessary. He has made many enemies over the years, having battled warlocks, dragons, the Black Court of Eastern Europe, the disciples of Kemmler, and even a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. But his memories of his accomplishments are fading—hence his current situation.

The Council had whispered for quite awhile of Radagast’s sudden lapses of memory and regressions into remembrances of long-lost pasts. At some point, it was all too obvious that the venerable old wizard was no longer competent to serve on the Senior Council—obvious, that is, to everyone but Radagast, who made it clear he had no intention of ever retiring from service, his physical health being excellent for a man of his years (among other members of the White Council, he is believed to be surpassed in age only by Ancient Mai). So his fellow archwizards decided to strip him of his title, ship him off someplace warm and let him live out his remaining days in a nice safehouse with a Council-appointed caretaker—his long-suffering manservant, Nick (pictured below).


Radagast gets out as often as a man of his years feels like doing, preferring to call a horse-drawn carriage from the tourist district when he wants to enjoy Charleston’s art galleries and museums, go to a park on a warm day, or have a splendid cup of tea at his favorite cafe, Stars & Scones. He’s quite fond of the cafe’s owner, Rae Lawrence, and patrons who are rude to Rae or her staff often discover that their cell phones and laptops can’t pick up a single lick of 4G or wi-fi there. (A few particularly mean customers carelessly spilled very hot coffee on themselves, and one young man who vandalized Rae’s furniture and threatened some other customers had a most unfortunate accident with the milk steamer as well. Funny that…)

But meddling is in Radagast’s nature, and he still considers it his responsibility to mentor young people with magical talents so that they don’t fall in with wayward ruffians and end up on the wrong end of a cocksure young Warden’s sword. Nick does his best to make sure the elderly wizard doesn’t get into too much trouble, but… well, babysitting an archmage is a job that occasionally presents insurmountable challenges, and the senile wizard gets so excitable when he thinks of the old days.

Radagast Vintner

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