Rae Lawrence


The best word to describe Rae is bubbly. You never see her without a smile on her face. And her moods are very infectious, which might be why customers keep coming back. She is very stylish, and prefers to wear bright colors. She wears an antique silver key as a necklace, which is rumored to be the key to the original building.


Rae Lawrence is the estranged daughter of two White Council members, sent to live with her grandmother as a child, because she showed no magical aptitude. Now in her late twenties, she is the owner of the Stars and Scones, a successful local coffee shop.
Over the past few years Rae has developed a small amount of magical talent, specifically channeling emotions into liquids. Although not a very flashy, or practical ability, it keeps her shop constantly filled with happy customers.
Although not technically accorded Neutral Ground, Rae turned the upstairs of the Stars and Scones into a meeting place for local practitioners. She puts a lot of effort into creating a welcoming environment for other people with minor magical talents. Her goal is to create a community of people like herself, in a world where they have no influence because of their lack of power.

Rae Lawrence

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