Southern Discomfort

Explosion Rocks Church Dedication

Newspaper Article from the Charleston Post and Courier

Not one, but two explosions dampened the festival spirit at the dedication of the brand new house of worship for the NuLife Ministries. It was only the actions and quick thinking of the security staff and some attendees of the festivities that there were no fatalities. Among the rescued were office staff of the Ministry and an elderly man who had went in search of the facilities.
Fear caused tempers to flare as a nearby group of protesters were accused of being the culprits. Calmer heads prevailed however, as the Charleston City police stepped in to regain order.
Jimmy Roberts, Faith Leader of the NuLife Ministries has gone on record as saying ’I’m just grateful to he who watches over us, that no one was seriously hurt. And I pledge that all hospital bills for those who were afflicted by this heinous crime will be taken care of by my Ministry’. Pastor Roberts and his wife Sammi stayed at the site all night helping the officers and emergency workers who where there, handing out coffee and sandwiches provided by a local deli.
The FBI has indicated that they will be conducting a thorough investigation into the bombings and ask that if anyone has any information to please call their tip line at: 1-800-555-BOMB



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