Southern Discomfort

Just Before Bed

Food for thought

The belt driven fan squeaked angrily over Holbert as he reviewed the emailed documents. His friend had come through, a budding financial analysis at a US branch of the deutsche bank, with the papers tracing the church’s financials back to most of their sources.

The email from his distant nephew helped him understand it all; the pastor and some rich friends along with some bigger national venture capitalists that worked the new age faith market had set up the church. Best guess, a mix of genuine interest in people and of course money. And practically a dead end unless some of the local rich types are now in a magic wielding cult.

For now probably best to let someone else look into the mortal angles. If those others were ghouls though they may need dealt with soon.

Speaking of magic, he had run into his old friend during that church bombing. That was both nice and scary. Vitner wasn’t any near the same. At first Holbert thought he was talking in code, but then realized no he had lost his mind with the many years of his life. Would Holbert end up like that, with someone babysitting him too as memories jumbled from age and time made him a dangerous mess too?



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